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For all the guys who don`t want to stay alone in Beijing, we collect several ways to find a girl, if you are willing to invest some RMB. But you have to know, the chinese meaning of "escort lady" is very different to the western meaning. In Beijing a escort service will normally only offer a hotel massage, so don`t expect to meet a high educated talkativ girl to escort you also in daytime. Only very less independent escort girls will offer this service (but for a high price). 

Beijing Escort Agencies

A Beijing  Escort Agencies will charge much less than a escort agency for example in Shanghai. For a budget of around RMB 400,- up to RMB 800,- you will get a girl show up to your Hotel room. Even the price is very low, there is still a risk, because you don`t know which girl will show up. Normally the agency will send anyone who is free at the moment, so sometimes you will get a visit from a hot sexy girl, next time it could be a bad experience. We selected some of the more trusted agencies, but there is still no guarantee that you will not spend a lot of money for a bad experience. 

Independent Escort Girls in Beijing

Even there are a lot of Escort Agencies, you also will find some real independent escort girls in Beijing. Here you have one big advantage. If you call them, you know what you will get, but for that you also have to rise up the budget and pay more. You also can find some real high class escort girls in Beijing, here a night can be up to RMB 4000,- to RMB 8000,-. 

QQ Girls in Beijing

If you are able to speak and also type some chinese (or at least you are able to use translation software), you can try out some of the famous Beijing QQ-Girls. QQ is a online messenger, but much more famous in China than in western countries. There are several chinese working girls who are looking for customers on different webpages. There you will find the QQ-Number of the girls. This ID is used to connect to the girls, than you can chat with the girls and arrange a face to face date. Most time they will not be available for outcall, but you can visit them. Budget should be around RMB 300,- for a short time, up to RMB 800,- for a overnight session. 

Independent Escort Girls Beijing: Available now
Tina / Angel Huynh / Sofia / Helen

NEW in Beijing: Sofia from our Shanghai page and some friend arrived just now! Enjoy a fantastic service with this hot and reliable girls from Vietnam! 


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