Great Beijing Happy Ending Massage Hotspot

Song Lin Erotic Massage
Song Lin Erotic Massage

The place with the best choice we found now is this building. There are around 45 massage or barbershops there. Most of them will provide 5 to  10 girls and a lot of them offer more than only massage service. A normal massage will be around 100 to 200, for some extra tip, you should be able to get more. Some of the shops also will allow you to take out the girl to your hotel. 

Tip: the upper floors have less business, so most of them will offer more "special" service, so if you look for more than a normal massage, better try 4th floor and up. When you are looking for more service, you have to clear it with the girl, not with the counter. Most time the counter will not be able to "book" what you are looking for. 

Opening Hours:  around 10:30 am to around 1:30 am

Rate: between 100 RMB up to RMB 800 full service.

Mai Zi Dian Jie Zao Ying Bei Li Nr. 15

Beijing Nightlife Guide checked: June 2015

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Comments: 34
  • #34

    Jake (Wednesday, 25 November 2015 07:09)

    How did it go Tom

  • #33

    Tom (Tuesday, 24 November 2015 09:38)

    Hi Guys, I am going tomorrow, any update on this place?
    What are the rates and the quality of the girls?

  • #32

    Jake (Monday, 19 October 2015 05:16)

    Hey, any updates on this place?

  • #31

    naraku (Thursday, 13 August 2015 19:08)

    I can also add to the confirmation that business is still running on the top 3 floors, but you may find prices slightly higher now. Still, a good place to go to even if the building is a run down shite hole to get through.

  • #30

    Fred (Thursday, 06 August 2015 15:04)

    @jason : no this place is not all closed, even if some of the shops stopped their business. 4th, 5th and 6th floors still have shops opened.

  • #29

    jason (Sunday, 26 July 2015 22:54)

    can someone confirm that this place is closed, I am looking for paradise!

  • #28

    Bob (Saturday, 13 June 2015 17:11)

    This place is closed down

  • #27

    Hank (Friday, 15 May 2015 16:05)

    @Steven, thanks for your answer. So I guess police raid usually happens at night right? Should be safe enough to go there during the day you think?

  • #26

    Prostitution and Law in China (Thursday, 07 May 2015 14:58)

    just use the link above. We just explained it very detailed for our Shanghai visitors, but the law is same over the country, so the informations also usefull for you. Only difference is, that Beijing is more strict than Shanghai till now.
    But honestly, I have no idea why this place still exist. The police in Beijing over the last years closed every place very soon, but this shops exist for years already and still not got raided. I would guess the owner of the building must have a very closed relationship to someone who is very powerful.

    Enjoy Beijing,


  • #25

    Hank (Thursday, 07 May 2015 13:48)

    Is this place safe? As far as I know, this kind of massage are illegal in China, what's happening if the police finds you go there? Any risk for the customers?

  • #24

    tom (Sunday, 07 December 2014 12:28)

    I got there 4f and got full service rmb 700.

  • #23

    Shawn (Monday, 03 November 2014 16:20)

    Does any one have a phone number to any of these massage parlor at this location?

  • #22

    Biloute (Saturday, 25 October 2014 09:03)

    Just went there
    A little bit weird but worth it
    I went straight to 6th flloor and chose randomly
    I had a good massage and a nice BJ by a nice lady
    Paid 200 for the massage and gave 300 for the BJ knowing that I could gave less

  • #21

    red (Monday, 22 September 2014 16:12)

    To get to this from the subway, you need to get off at the Agriculture Exhibition Center station on Line 10. It is near the Bailanju Japanese Restaurant. The best massage locations are on floor 4 or 5. Go in and find someone with an attractive lady and expect to pay 200 for 60 minutes. Then once in the room negotiate the extras. You should be able to get the happy ending and mouth for 400 total. 800 for full. However, some will do full for 400 if you are good. Just depends on the girl and your skills.

  • #20

    wu (Monday, 25 August 2014 21:47)

    is it far from chaoyang? witch subway?

  • #19

    Lucas (Friday, 22 August 2014 09:21)

    Where exactly is the entrance of this place?

  • #18

    Beijinger (Friday, 13 June 2014 14:19)

    Have been to Beijing Songlin last week. Full body oil is around 168 RMB. For HJ she asked more: 200 with touching tits and 100 only HJ. All in all was a very professional massage and the rest was fun too. Have been to Parlour 405 (if I remember right): 4th floor 1st one on the right.

  • #17

    nivas (Friday, 06 June 2014 04:28)

    whare are massage centres in shunyi dist beijing . i want to go there

  • #16

    Peter (Thursday, 24 April 2014 11:45)

    I tried the place - seedy looking - a bit on the grimy side. If you negotiate well you will get what your looking for. Typical sex trade - promise the world then want to charge extra - stick to your guns and youll get what your after. They say yopu pay for the hour but they want to get you off as fast as possible and get you out, so they can service the next bloke

    The whole street is full of massage centers... enjoy

  • #15

    Robin (Tuesday, 04 March 2014 17:42)

    This place was difficult to find! I wouldn't bother because it is seriously hit & miss - there is about 10-12 massage parlors in what looks like apartments in the floors above - depends on where/who you get, it may or may not be nice. I had a crap massage/HJ and I had to leave, because I wasn't enjoying at all - price was RMB 168 (massage) + 200 (HJ). The girl only asked for the massage cost at the end. Will not visit again!

  • #14

    Stan (Saturday, 25 January 2014 19:00)

    Went here recently in the small hours. Met in the elevator by a girl who took me up to the massage parlor and straight away offered me the works for 800 RMB. Great time

  • #13

    James (Sunday, 03 March 2013 18:11)

    Went to this location over Chinese New Years. There was one shop open on the 4th floor. The girl was in her late twenties with a hot body and perky breasts. She gave an amazing massage including full butt + upper thigh for 168, and asked for 200 more for HJ. Amazing overall.

  • #12

    Brian (Thursday, 21 February 2013 15:57)

    I was thursday at this Location and it was beatiful.nice Girls and Good Service for a ließ Price.

  • #11

    Todd (Sunday, 10 February 2013 01:22)

    I was actually just at this location Friday night. There are definitely several massage parlors in this building!! The second I got out of the taxi, I was approached on the street by some chinese gal asking me if I wanted a massage. She escorted me into the building and took me to a sixth floor massage parlor. Her massage/bj was overpriced and not that great:(

  • #10

    bart (Friday, 18 January 2013 04:30)

    can you tell me where this place is - no map

    I will be in Bj late Jan

    what does homepage mean?

  • #9

    Paul (Saturday, 12 January 2013 12:00)

    Hi I am traveling to Beijing at the end of this month and heave read all your articles so thank you for that. I am also traveling to Shenyang and would really like to know the best area to stay to be close to the action as in girls, bars and massage. Any help would be great thank you

  • #8

    john (Thursday, 01 November 2012 04:21)

    Tried the 1st shop on the left from the lift on 6th storey. A 30+ Chinese lady wearing demure white dress. Average looking. 150 for massage and 200 HJ. Small drooping breast and hairy pussy. Shower facilities outside room. Anyone with personal favourite shop to reco - ie 20+, friendly pretty with service? :)

  • #7

    mike (Monday, 22 October 2012 05:03)

    How are the girls? any nice ones? all ugly and fat? can you choose?

  • #6

    Pascal (Sunday, 21 October 2012 05:59)

    Both, i ask on front desk also during massage. floor 4th i had hj for 300, bj for 500 and full service for 800. They can also come to ur hotel for same price. Depending. U have to talk with the girl, some agree, some not agree. don't ak desk for that.

  • #5

    Michael (Saturday, 20 October 2012 14:27)

    Do you ask and pay for the HJ at the front desk or just ask the girl once you ae having the massage

  • #4

    Pascal (Friday, 12 October 2012 07:32)

    U can go 5th and 6th floor, they give oil massage + Hj (around 10 places) for 300. No full service..

  • #3

    Mike (Friday, 22 June 2012 17:10)

    Just back from the place... indeed nothing special was offered... luckily since the therapist was almost 50 years old...
    A normal massage place... should not be listed here!

  • #2

    Frank (Sunday, 27 May 2012 18:30)

    I've been to the address: Easy to find on the 3rd floor with many places.However, I did not receive a Happy Ending (HJ). When I asked for it at the checkout, they did Not understand. Also, another place in that floor: they did not understand what i wanted?! What do I habe to do, to geht in right.
    The places do NOT look cheap or shabby - sure the offer HJ!?

  • #1

    Thomas (Friday, 06 April 2012 17:07)

    Massage places all over the floors of this building (I would say about 15 places). It's obvious that most of them provide massage + HJ. I asked for more but it seems they dont provide full service. 100 RMB 45mins oil massage + HJ.

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