Prime Hotel KTV Beijing

The 5 start hotel includes also a big entertainment and relaxing area, including a top level ktv. The prices are high, but here you also can find a lot of beijing goverment officials, so there is a very low risk that this place will be raiden some day. 

Rate: around RMB 1000 for the room, RMB 300 for every girl (including the DJ), around RMB 300 for the manager of the girls. Than additional around RMB 2000 to RMB 3000 for the girl for overnight.


Prime Hotel 

Wang Fu Jing Lu Nr. 2



not checked till now

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Julie 160cm/32B/47kg/20years
Julie 160cm/32B/47kg/20years
Tia -167 cm / 50 kg / 21years
Tia -167 cm / 50 kg / 21years

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