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99,9 % of all massage outcall and escort girls you find in the internet in Beijing will work with faked profiles, no matter if they will tell you, the profiles are real, they never will be. So this is why we decided to find a way to provide the very less real profils!

Beijing Nightlife Guide provide the only hand selected real escort girls profiles in Beijing - we don`t want to have the motivation to get the biggest directory of girls (with only fakes and a lot of "out of date" profiles). Our target is to provide only reliable and up to date information about escort girls her ein the city. We work hard every day to make sure you really got what you see on our page. This is why we decided to verify the girls profiles here, if the girl is willing to follow our check procedure.  

Editors note: We do not charge for the verification and also no one can pay for get a verified profile here, so you can be sure our confirmation is not influenced by any kind of business target - except the target to be the best place for guys to find girls without any risk to be cheated!

If you see this sign on a girls profile, than you can be sure we checked the girl and we can guarantee, that the profile is 100% real and the pictures are up to date. Our service and only on our page: be sure you get what you see!

How we check if a Shanghai Escort Girls is real:

We want to make sure, that what you see is what you get, so we have several ways to guarantee only real profiles here on our page:

  • Sometimes one of our guides found a great girl somewhere and bring her profile on our page, than he met her face to face and know she is real and match the profiles
  • Sometimes they apply here, than one of us will have a drink with her and check the details she give to us
  • Sometimes we only got application, than we do a interview on webcam, check if the pictures are real and if she is real. 
  • We also connected with some girls on Facebook or Weixin, so easy to check if the profile is real than. 
  • Also our visitors control the girls, because if the girls will send someone else or do some other bullshit, guests will leave comments, so we can kick the bad girls out easy. 

We can not guarantee, that the girl you will get on the phone or first contact is really the girl you will see later, because some of the girls prefer to hand over all the organisation, e-mail and phone things to some "friend" for a small commission, but what we can make sure is, that if you like a girls profile on our page, than you can date exactly this girl later for the rate we wrote down here. 

Our rules for guarantee the quality of the service:

We can only check if the girls profile is real, but not what she will do for you, but we have some rules the girls have to follow. It is very common in Shanghai, that outcall girls will first only ask for a low price (300 - 500 RMB), but than later every extra you expect will be charged additional, so you can never know how much you have to pay finally. Also most girls and agencies will promise a lot of service the girls to (like anal, CIM and so on), but finally find excuse, why they do not. 


What the girls on our page have to guarantee:

  • They are now allowed to do any upselling to the price and service they offer here
  • They are not allowed to offer any service they will not do later
  • They are not allowed to send any other girls, if they are busy (except the customer know that and agreed in advanced
  • They have to agree, that the customer can send her back, if he don`t like her after arrived (but they are allowed to ask for a RMB 100,- taxi compensation).

If you have any suggestions for us or if you have any bad experience with one of the checked girls on our page, please leave a message here or send a e-mail to

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    Beijing Nightlife Guide (Monday, 30 June 2014 13:56)

    @J: Kelly is back to Shanghai, just send a e-mail to: for details. I think for the Beijing comment area this is definitly "off topic" ;-)


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    J (Monday, 30 June 2014 06:47)

    And another Q:

    Why is Suzie Wong not amongst the pick up bars? Any reason for this?


  • #1

    J (Monday, 30 June 2014 06:45)

    Hi Steven, do you remember Kelly from SH, do you guys still have her contact details? Do you know where she is now? She was the bomb! Thanks, any help is much appreciated!


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