Angel Beauty Clubhouse in Beijing

The Beijing Private Club Angel Beauty is a high level club with around 4 to 10 sexy girls available who will provide a hot and sexy service. It is a typical private club, so you should call them before you arrive and you should not expect them to speak english there, so you at least should know some chinese to see what you can get. The service will be a massage (some girls are with professional massage skills, from other don`t expect too much). 

Opening hours: 10 am to 11 pm


RMB 799,- / RMB 899,- / RMB 999,- 



Fēng tái nán sān huán zhào gōng kǒu qiáo 


Phone: 13716977525

QQ: 2198464448

Beijing Nightlife Guide checked: April 2014

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    Ray (Tuesday, 17 September 2013 10:18)

    Left just now, very happy! Very good environment. Went upstairs, than see girls already has been waiting, took one and the chest is really a surprise ah, my little girl was very cheerful, we had talking (but only chinese and with phone translation), but always made me laugh, first I had shower, than massage with key parts care carefully. My girl said she previously worked in a large massage studio, so very professional for that, about half an hour massage we tease all kinds of fancy and I am very satisfied with the experience.

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Tina / Angel Huynh / Sofia / Helen

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Julie 160cm/32B/47kg/20years
Julie 160cm/32B/47kg/20years
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Tia -167 cm / 50 kg / 21years

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