Beijing Escort, Beijing Sauna and Sexy Massage Girls

The night entertainment in China various from city to city. For example in Shanghai, you can get great service for a reasonable price in a lot of big sauna places, but escort service is normally very bad and overpriced. In Beijing, it is very hard to find a good sauna and the price for the same or even worth service will be nearly double than in Shanghai. On the other side there are a lot of escort agencies in Beijing that will provide good service for only half price you have to spend for a escort girl in Shanghai. 

Beijing Escort Agencies and Girls

The Beijing Escort scene is dominated by some big escort agencies, some have webpages, some work only with a phone number. Most time they work together with a lot of girls from all over China. Most of this girls will not be able to speak english, so don`t expect too much, even they promise you english language girls are available. The price for escort girls in beijing is normaly lower than for example in Shanghai or in Hongkong, but also the quality is not very stabil. Sometimes you will be lucky to find a beautifull sexy escort girl with good service, sometimes you will get bad service from a ugly girl. This kind of entertainment needs some gamling character.

Beijing Sauna Location

All over China, you can find typical japanese styled Sauna Clubs. Here you can take shower (sometimes together with the girls), than relax in a spa area, also use vip rooms for business talks, but most important, you can enjoy some nice time with full service with a sexy beautiful girl. Special service in a Beijing Sauna can be a Nuru Massage, the fire and ice or red rope Service. But at the moment there is not a very good selection of high quality Beijing Saunas. Advantage is, that most Sauna Shops are clean and modern, dissadvantage is, that the price for a Sauna in Beijing is very high, sometimes double to three times higher than for the same service in Hongkong or other chinese cities.

Beijing Pickup Bars with Hookers

For all visitors who don`t want to stay the night alone, there are also some nice locations where you can find beautiful russian and mongolian girls. There are some special Beijing Pickup Bars and Clubs, where most of the girls will be working girls. It should be easy to find some accompany there, if you are willing to spend some budget for a short- or longterm date.

Beijing Barbershops (BBS)

All over the city of Beijing you will small Barbershops (BBS), that will not be able to shave any hair. On the first view, they will look like a normal barbershop, but inside you will see girls sitting around and waiting for customers. Most time they will also be lightend by a pink lamp, but because of the raids last time, some jobs now switched off their pink lights. Inside you will get a short girls session with full service for around 100 to 300 RMB. 

Beijing Massage Parlors

Between the cheap barber shops and the expensive sauna shops, you also will find a medium range erotic service in Beijing. This medium level massage shops offer a normal professional massage, most time finished with a handjob, but you also can get more service in the most of the shops. We built a map on our page to make sure, you will find a reasonable priced beijing massage parlor near your place. 

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Shanghai Nightlife Guide

In Shanghai the Scene is much more open than in Beijing. You can find a lot of Shanghai Sauna Places that will offer full service for a reasonable rate (around 600 to 800 RMB for one hour), some with extra nuru massage, some with striptease dancing and so on. There you can also find great pickup bars and Shanghai also have a lot of independent escort girls who are very willing to serve also western customers. So enjoy the city with sexy girls!

Dongguan Nightlife Guide

Long time Dongguan area was called "The Las Vegas of China", but in 2012 they got big problems, because the chinese central goverment found out what happend there and closed a lot of clubs. But Dongguan is still one of the best places to party with girls. You find a lot of KTVs there, also Sauna and Girls Massage are not really a big problem. 

Frankfurt Nightlife Guide

Frankfurt in germany is very open for all kinds of girls fun, because in germany prostitution and brothels are legal, so no problem to manage them professional and also no problem to advertise for it. The most popular way to have sex in Frankfurt are the flatrate brothels, where you pay one time and have fun with as much girls as you like. You also can find very nice Sauna in Frankfurt, where you pay entry, than select your girl and have fun with them where ever you want. So really a city to enjoy fun with girls. 

Independent Escort Girls Beijing: Available now
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NEW in Beijing: Sofia from our Shanghai page and some friend arrived just now! Enjoy a fantastic service with this hot and reliable girls from Vietnam! 


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