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Even Beijing is a very big city, there are only very less real independent escort girls. If you check out craigslist, happy massage or other classifieds, you will find countless of faked ads

!in the Internet in Beijing 99% of all Escort ads are fakes!

We think different! We don`t want to be a directory with a big amout of escort girl, where you have no chance to find the 10 reliable ones unter the 1000 fakes. 

Our target is to provide only profiles of real girls where we know they are reliable (and the informations are up to date). And we are in personal contact with nearly every girl here and they appreciate the business we bring to them, so if you will have any problem with a girl, we will contact her and try to solve the problem for you!

That`s what we think is more usefull than a big choice!

Best Independent Escort Girl in Beijing

Beijing High Class Independent Escort Jessica

Independent High Class Escort in Beijing - Jessica

If you like to spend out some more to get some more, than Jessica can be the best choice for you in Beijing. She was the first one who asked us to verify her profile on our page, and we did it with a interview and she is definitly real (and by the way amazing, our guide was very impressed by her after the "casting"). So for us she is the best we found till now in Beijing, but she is not a cheap choice, she know her value and this is what we call a real high class escort, not only a outcall massage. Jessica has perfect english skills, a hot body and a very natural passonate service. No rush fast finish sex service, we would call it more a "one time in your live dream session". She is availabe (and also suitable) for any kind of high class accompany, for example on a business dinner, exhibition or bring you around to customers or supplieres, but others than you assistant, you time with Jessica will finally finished with a naughty session in your room. more

Other Real Checked Independent Escorts we found in Beijing

Mya - Hot and Sexy Part Time Escort in Beijing

Beijing Outcall Escort Mya

If you are looking for a real girlfriend experience with a sexy office girl in Beijing, than why not meet Mya now? She is a part time escort who meet less guys, but if you are together with her, you definitly will have a great time. She is a good friend of Jessica, so if you dream about a 3-some with 2 sexy ladies, than you also can book them together: more

Xinxin - Real Beijing Student with great Body

If you dream about the young chinese student babes you know from japanese videos, than Xinxin is the best choice. She is a young sexy girl with a amazing teen body and a great girlfriend service. Xinxin still live with her parents, so she is only availabe in daytime till around 10 pm, but if you are free that time, you should not miss to see her. more

Yan Zi - Hot Sexy Girl with very reasonable Rate

Sexy Beijing Escort Yan Zi

We just added this great girl on our page. She is new to the escort business, but her service is very good (checked by one of our guides) and she is not as greedy like many girls in Beijing, so she ask for a reasonable rate. She is 26, tall, sexy legs and with a great B-Cup. Give her a try and don`t forget to leave a review. more

Maggie - Real Busty F-Cup Outcall in Beijing

Busty Outcall Escort in Beijing

For all the "big boobs lovers", she will be the jackpot in Beijing. Maggie has a real (no plastic sugery) F-Cup, combined with a slim body, so the tits are really amazing - and still in a great shape, even so huge! She is a pretty "neighborhood" girl with a kind personality, normal job and a naughty hobby. Not sure how long she will work as a outcall, so better date her soon. more

Annie - Hot Sexy Handjob Oil Massage

If you are lonesome in your hotel room and you would like to relax a little bit by a professional massage done by a sexy girl, than you should think about call Annie over. She offer a professional oil massage for RMB 300,- per hour and if you get too hot, you also can book it with a happy ending (handjob only!). more 

Girls Profiles we did not check yet (better not trust the pictures)

Yue Yue (23 Years, 164 cm, good girlfriend experience)

Ji Ji Chen (23 Years, 162 cm, also FFM available, high class service)

Chubbycat (24 years. Chubby, offer also service for girls)

Tip: Never trust a picture in a ad or a webpage (Exept our page. If we confirm, that it is a real picture, we checked it - read how we do that - face to face or with videochat). On other pages - especially in Beijing - you will nearly never get what you are looking for, even they will write "100% real picture". If they send a different girl to you and you don`t like her, than just send her back without payment. No need to feel guilty, if they don`t keep their promise, no need for you to compensate the cost!

If you are a real independent escort girl in Beijing and you want to meet more reliable customers with a profile on our page, than just fill out the form and we will put the profile on our page (free of charge). 

If you have any question or you want to recommend a girl you met already in Beijing, please leave a comment and share your experience with us, and if she is not on our page yet, please also leave some contact information of the girl, so that we can contact her and invite her to join our page. 

Thank you for your support!

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    Beijing Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 15 July 2014 12:21)

    That's a very good question. Depends, if you trust us. We know they are not, because at least the girls we checked we know and "interviewed" them face to face. If you think our page is built by the goverment, than nothing will help you to be sure.
    But we never heard about any "trap" the police built up to catch customers of prostitution in China. If they want to catch the girls and customers, they will raid a Sauna, KTV or massage Parlor like they did in Dongguan some month ago, but even here they only closed the shops and arrested girls and manager, no customers. So with the checked girls no risk, with other girls less than 0,0001% I guess.

    Enjoy Beijing,


  • #1

    Banny (Tuesday, 15 July 2014 11:35)

    How do I make sure that these profiles of the girls and posts are not actually created by Chinese Government officials as a trick to lure foreigners, and then charge them for prostitution, which is
    illegal in China? Is there any guarantee that one would not be having trouble with law, getting service from these Escorts?

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Best Independent Escort Girls in Beijing

Jessica: High Class Escort, perfect english, amazing body, well educated, 

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Yan Zi: Great Service,

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Xinxin: Sexy Beijing Student with great body

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Mya: sexy chinese office girl, stunning face,

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Maggie: Busty Real F-Cup Office Girl, young and sexy

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