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Even Beijing is a very big city, there are only very less real independent escort girls. If you check out craigslist, happy massage or other classifieds, you will find countless of faked ads

!in the Internet in Beijing 99% of all Escort ads are fakes!

We think different! We don`t want to be a directory with a big amout of escort girl, where you have no chance to find the 10 reliable ones unter the 1000 fakes. 

Our target is to provide only profiles of real girls where we know they are reliable (and the informations are up to date). And we are in personal contact with every girl here and they appreciate the business we bring to them, so if you will have any problem with a girl, we will contact her and try to solve the problem for you!

That`s what we think is more usefull than a big choice!

Best Independent Escort Girl in Beijing

Angela - Hot Sexy Girl with Good English Skills

Angela is a nice and charming girl in Beijing. She has a slim body, flat belly, shaved pussy and she like to have naughty fun with guys and also enjoy it for herself a lot, so a must for all the "girlfriend experience lovers around". Her english is not so bad, so it is also a great fun to have dinner together with Angela, visit a club or bar, before you finally go over to the naughty part! more

Other Real Checked Independent Escorts we found in Beijing

Aimee - Tall (Former Air Hostess) Escort in Beijing

Aimee is new to the escort business in Beijing. She just quit her job as an air hostess for a well known airline. She is slim with a great body shape (165 cm and 45 kg), slim legs and a pretty face. She is a girl who like to please and it is said, that she get exited very easy, so if you treat her nice and also make sure, she enjoy it, than you will get back a lot from Aimee! more

Tina - Professional Massage and Great Special Service

You like young sexy girls with hot body? Than why not give Tina a try? She is 26 years and different to many other outcall girls, she has been professional trained in a massage shop, so beside the "special service", she also can give you a professional relaxing massage. She is a very nice girl with good attitute and a positive personality, so treat her nice and you will have great fun. more

Lele - Good English, C-Cup, Female Curves

Welcome to have fun with Lele. She is a horny lady with a good C-Cup and great female curves (if you not prefer to totally skinny type). She offer a full service experience with a lot of fun and we are sure, you will not see her leaving unsatisfied! Her English is not bad, so also communication is no issue, even you are not able to speak Chinese, so check out her profile now! more

Coco - Pretty Outcall Escort - Busty & Tall 

If you like busty young girls, and best also not too short, than Coco is a great choice for you. She has a natural C-Cup (and she has a lot of ideas, what she could do with that, if you both are alone in your room), Coco is slim and also a pretty kind Chinese girl. She offer full service, so you can enjoy all the naughty things with her. more

Yoyo - Mature and Chubby Full Service Escort

If you are tired from all this young, unexperienced and skinny girls around, than Yoyo could be your choice. She has a body with real female curves, a round ass and great real tits. She is 32, so in the perfect age of a women - experienced, but still in the age where a female body is easy to get hot and the best age to enjoy great sex, so if this is your type of women, than call her. more

Amelie - Sexy Tall Model (173 cm) with good english!

If you like tall slim girls with perfect body shape, you should not miss the chance to have a date with Amelie. She is really a gem, love to please and spend a lot of effort to make her customers totally happy. And because of her good english skills, it`s also easy to tell her, what you like and share your naughty fantasies with her. And perhaps Amelie is the one make it true. more

Lucy - Girlfriend Experience for only 900 RMB

We are really very happy, that Lucy decided to join our independent girls section here. She is a very nice and kind girl who really love sex and one of the less girls here who not only work for money, but also for having fun, meet nice people and so on. She ask for a reasonable rate and offer a great Girlfriend Experience. What else you need? Check out her real pictures here: more

Tip: Never trust a picture in a ad or a webpage (Exept our page. If we confirm, that it is a real picture, we checked it - read how we do that - face to face or with videochat). On other pages - especially in Beijing - you will nearly never get what you are looking for, even they will write "100% real picture". If they send a different girl to you and you don`t like her, than just send her back without payment. No need to feel guilty, if they don`t keep their promise, no need for you to compensate the cost!

If you are a real independent escort girl in Beijing and you want to meet more reliable customers with a profile on our page, than just fill out the form and we will put the profile on our page (free of charge). 

If you have any question or you want to recommend a girl you met already in Beijing, please leave a comment and share your experience with us, and if she is not on our page yet, please also leave some contact information of the girl, so that we can contact her and invite her to join our page. 

Thank you for your support!

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  • #13

    Beijing Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 12 May 2015 19:01)

    unfortuntelly for all of us guys here not any more. Same than Xin Xin she found her "Mr. Right" and will not work in this business any more.

    Try out one of the other girls,


  • #12

    Johny (Friday, 08 May 2015 01:03)

    Is jessica still available?

  • #11

    Alex (Friday, 03 April 2015 18:16)

    Thanks so much for the quick reply Steven! I thought as much but wanted to check with you!

    I will try to see Aimee and maybe another gem when I will be in Beijing April 5-6.

    Thank you again!

    All the best!

  • #10

    beijing-nightlife-guide (Friday, 03 April 2015 10:33)

    unfortuntatelly, I am very sure what you are searching for simply doesn`t exist. There are several russian escort agencies who for sure provide western girls who can speak english, but I never found one yet who worked with real pictures neither was "reliable".
    All of them will send you fakes, the girl can be attractive, but no guarantee, that she will be, and all will totally overcharge and play the "upselling game".
    Sorry, that I don`t have a better news for you.

    Nevertheless, have a good time,


  • #9

    Alex (Friday, 03 April 2015 06:23)

    Hi Steven,

    Would you have an agency or a website reliable and of good quality for english-speaking western escorts?

    I will be in Beijing April 5-6 and I am looking for high class ladies with real pics!

    Thank you so much!

  • #8

    Beijing Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 05:41)

    @The Revoluzer

    thank you very much for your detailed and helpfull reviews. We apprechiate your support and if there is anything I can do for you in return, feel free to ask,


  • #7

    The Revoluzer (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 05:39)

    1) Massage girls who give you excuses for not taking off panties are going to be more by-the-book and (for me) less fun IMO.
    2) Even if you got a discount the first time, confirm the price every time.
    3) I've tried to get away with an oil massage with a BBBJ as an add-on but I don't like to press too hard and except once (weekday late afternoon) they won't let you get away with this combo meal.
    4) Independent and part-time girls have their own group on QQ, Wechat and Momo. The going rate is RMB 3000 for a model that charges RMB 5000 from an agent. I was shown the group members from a girl's phone and they even update when they're 'unavailable/on period', the photos are photoshopped but its the actual person, and most of the girls are actual working car show models, dancers, actresses, etc. They are not country girls with too much makeup and cheap heels. What I was told is that the rate she can get me from within the group is 3000 (this is standard), and she takes a 200-300 cut from the first referral. She was happy to hook me up but I have to be serious because if she gets a bad peer review, she'd get kicked out of the group. I've never taken her up on her offer because 3000 is a lot to spend as I am barely comfortable with spending 1700 for someone I could be into as a regular.
    5) Working the independent massage girls is a good angle but who has the time?

  • #6

    The Revoluzer (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 05:38)

    MOMO Girls

    Some random girl was offering outcall massage with happy ending for 300 on Momo. It was freezing out and I needed a massage anyway so told her to come over. Her makeup was terrible but she wasn't bad looking and seemed to have a nice body under all that clothes. I put a towel on my bed, undressed and laid down on my stomach. She asked me if she should take off her long underpants and I asked her to massage first and we'll see (Thinking: if she really sucked, I would just give her cab fare and let her go). It turns out she's not a bad masseuse, making up in what she lacks in technique with good pressure and strength. So I asked her to get comfortable as I'd like to keep her for 90min. She came back to the bed wearing see-thru underwear and a loose sweater from where I could see some cleavage. I told her that she has a really nice body and if she wouldn't mind taking off her clothes (Maybe 21, 165, 34 b, long legs, flat stomach, thin), I would be into more if she was offering. She asked for 200 more for a blow job. I asked her about FS and at first she said no but then after I returned her BJ with some finger and cunnilingus, she came and relented to FS but in total it was going to be 1700. I think we must have taken 2+ hours because she complained mildly about how long it took and that sex was a bit too intense for her. She wouldn't let me kiss her and I didn't try for anal or CIM or anything but she pretty much let me have her in any position and accommodated with a BJ anytime I prompted her.

    I've seen her a couple of times since for the same price. She let me oil massage her once (she didn't think it was that funny that I suggested that she should pay me) and brought some high heels on my request another time. She argues that for 300/hand job, she doesn't need to offer FS and that I'm the only one. I don't necessarily believe her but she's doesn't seem like a pro, isn't concerned about time, stopped complaining about how long we have sex for the third time, and has offered to introduce me to others if I wanted.

    With that kind of luck, I accepted another massage girl from Momo to come over the following week. I gave her 20 without letting her into the building because she was 30 years too old and as ugly. That's the end of that experiment.

  • #5

    Frank (Wednesday, 14 January 2015 16:15)


    Thank you so much for the tips, was actually tempted to try one who is marketed for 3k Rmb per hour...Now giving it a second thought.
    Any good experience at chocolate club? I read from the reviews some ladies there are quite high quality. When may be a best time to visit? Thanks again :)

  • #4

    Beijing Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 14 January 2015 01:59)

    @ Frank:

    frankly speaking, I never found any trustworthy russian agency anywhere in China. All I found yet used faked pictures, even faked profiles (so means also the weight, age a.s.o. will be wrong) and additional, all of them totally overcharge, so unfortunatelly I am definitly not able to help you out for that.


  • #3

    Frank (Tuesday, 13 January 2015 07:44)

    Hi Steven,
    Do you know if any of the russian escort agency is trustworthy in beijing?

  • #2

    Beijing Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 15 July 2014 12:21)

    That's a very good question. Depends, if you trust us. We know they are not, because at least the girls we checked we know and "interviewed" them face to face. If you think our page is built by the goverment, than nothing will help you to be sure.
    But we never heard about any "trap" the police built up to catch customers of prostitution in China. If they want to catch the girls and customers, they will raid a Sauna, KTV or massage Parlor like they did in Dongguan some month ago, but even here they only closed the shops and arrested girls and manager, no customers. So with the checked girls no risk, with other girls less than 0,0001% I guess.

    Enjoy Beijing,


  • #1

    Banny (Tuesday, 15 July 2014 11:35)

    How do I make sure that these profiles of the girls and posts are not actually created by Chinese Government officials as a trick to lure foreigners, and then charge them for prostitution, which is
    illegal in China? Is there any guarantee that one would not be having trouble with law, getting service from these Escorts?

Last Update: August 25th

Angela: Hot Girl, Good English, Amazing BJ

(Full Service Escort)

Aimee: Former Air Hostess 

Slim Body, Pretty Face

(Full Service Escort)

Tina: Hot Sexy Girl Great Massage Skills

(Full Service Escort)

Amelie: Tall (173) Model Girl with Very Good Engl. 

(Full Service Escort)

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